• Do I need a partner?

No! You can take any of the classes, private lessons or attend a social without a partner. Of course, we cannot guarantee a partner, but we do rotate often (in classes) and do our best to give everyone an opportunity to dance with a partner.

  • Are private lessons charged per person?

No! Private lessons are charged per instructor. So, basically a couple counts as 1. You and your partner can take lessons together for the price of 1 private lesson. Couples are defined as a leader and a follower. (Group classes are priced per person)

  • What’s the benefit of Private Lessons?

Oh soooo many! Private lessons do cost more money. However, you can schedule them at your convenience. You can focus your private lesson on any dance you want. This is why they are perfect for wedding preparation. Private lessons also move at your own pace. You can learn as quickly or slowly as you are able.

  • So, why group classes then?

Group classes are less expensive and fit almost any budget.  The downside to group lessons is that you are tied to an inflexible schedule and dance choice. Also, group classes can only move as fast as the slowest student. However, they allow you to practice with multiple partners in a controlled environment and it is a great way to get some new moves! We always recommend a mixed program of private lessons in addition to group classes.

  • How long will it take me to learn to dance?

It is almost impossible to answer that without some sort of evaluation. Everyone learns at different speeds. However, learning to dance is much like any other muscular coordination you learn. If you have ever tried learning a sport that requires coordination or perhaps how to drive a manual transmission, it’s a little like that. The more you practice the easier it becomes.