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Each class in the calendar will have a one of the codes listed below. This will explain what level and type of class/price point each class is.

6WS: 6 WEEK SESSIONS: 6 week sessions are usually beginner classes designed to get you going in a dance or particular set of dances in the most efficient time possible. They are 1 weekly class for 6 weeks in succession and each class is designed to build upon itself. You want to start with the first class and not miss any if at all possible. Teacher can approve drop ins.

Di: DROP IN CLASSES: If the class is not a 6 week session, it is a Drop in class. While drop in classes typically do build on one another, it is not necessary for your to be at every class to get something out of it!

AL: ALL LEVEL CLASSES are designed to meet the student at whatever level dancing he or she is. The primary focus of these classes are on technique, characteristics and theory in the designated dance or dances. Usually these classes are not based on levels of patterns or figures. Please check with the individual teacher to get a better idea of his or her focus.

L1 or L100+: LEVEL 1 CLASSES are geared to the dancer that is completely new at the dance(s) or new to dancing all together. They will be great for Father/Daughter dances for Debuts, Wedding Dance Preparation for the bride/groom or wedding party & parent dances or just simply wanting to learn some basic social skills. This level will go over basic lead/follow skills, as well as the basic figures in the dance(s) and allow you to “get by” in a social dance situation. Level 100 series classes are stair stepped in difficulty based on the progression of the number. ie: 101, 102, 103, 104. It is recommended you have some experience in the dance to enter anything class categorized passed level 101.

L2 or L200+: LEVEL 2 CLASSES are designed for the dancer already familiar with basic lead/follow skills and the featured dance’s basic figures. This is a great way to further your knowledge and confidence level in the particular dance(s). Students entering this class level, should have at least 6 months dance experience. This level will allow you to be “comfortable” and socially “at ease” with the featured dance. You can expect a similar stair stepped approach in difficulty based on the progression of the number, ie: 201, 202, 203, 204 just like the 100+ & 300+ series. It is recommended you take these classes in order.

L3 or L 300+: LEVEL 3 CLASSES are designed to get into depth on techniques, characteristics and patterns of the featured dance(s). To enter this class, students must have at least 1 & 1/2 -2 years dance experience in the featured dance. You can expect a similar stair stepped approach in difficulty based on the progression of the number, ie: 301, 302, 303, 304 just like the 100+ and 200+ series. It is recommended you take these classes in order.

Please see class options below in the calendar for more info. Clicking on the particular class will give you all the info you should need. If you have any questions, please contact Thank you for your interest in NC DanceSport!

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