Group Class Policies & Information

LEVEL 1 CLASSES are geared to the person that is completely new at the dance or new to dancing all together. They will be great for Father/Daughter dances for Debuts, Wedding Dance Preparation for the bride/groom or wedding party & parent dances or just simply wanting to learn some basic social skills. This level will go over basic lead/follow skills, as well as the basic figures in the dance and allow you to “get by” in a social dance situation.
LEVEL 2 CLASSES are designed for the dancer already familiar with basic lead/follow skills and the featured dance’s basic figures. This is a great way to further your knowledge and confidence level in the particular dance. Students entering this class level, should have at least 6 months dance experience or have mastered the Level 1 class in the selected dance. This level will allow you to be “comfortable” and socially “at ease” with the featured dance.* The Instructor reserves the right to qualify you before allowing your participation in a Level 2 or higher class. This ensures that no one is left  behind and the course runs smoothly for everyone!

*Instructor reserves the right to cancel any course for insufficient enrollment.

*6 Week Course CANCELLATION POLICY: Students must pre-register and pre-pay for 6 week social dance courses (group classes). There are no makeup classes available. Once registered for a course your payment/voucher is considered and marked as “redeemed”, unless withdrawn from the course BEFORE it begins.

Group Classes, Semi-Private Lessons & Private Lessons are Available. Private Lessons and Semi-Private Lessons are scheduled by appointment only. Group Classes are pre-scheduled at certain times of the year. Register for Group classes and/or Courses in advance by calling: (919) 539-7513 or email Space is limited, advanced registration is strongly recommended.

Schedules and fees for Group classes vary. Please check the individual class info for the most current and up to date information or call/email Shari @ 919-539-7513 or

Fees for 6 Week Courses must be paid up-front for the entire session. The sessions cost $75 per person, per 6 week course if you register after the posted Early Bird Rate date. If registered by the previous month or before, it’s $63 per person, per 6 week course. With a valid ID, Students (under the age of 20), Military and Civil Servants (Police or Fire & Rescue) can register for $50 per person. Discount only applies to the individual, not couples (unless each partner has a valid ID.) Shari Huggett (teacher) reserves the right to cancel any course at the last minute due to insufficient attendance even up to and including the 1st class of a 6 week course. Late registration for most classes is accepted if space permits, fees will be on a drop-in basis if instructor permits. Drop-In classes (if permitted) are $15 per person, per class. Refunds will NOT be given for missed classes. Students who must withdraw from a course before it begins, can choose another course or will receive a refund less a $15 service charge. Shari Huggett (teacher) reserves the right to cancel any Group Class or Course if enrollment is not sufficient. Students may choose another course or a full refund on any unused classes. All class times and dates are preset and listed here. All classes will last a minimum of 50 minutes and not more than 1 hour unless otherwise stated.

Don’t see a course that fits you? I can create a course for you and your friends that fits your schedule and dance interest. All you need is 6 people and you can create your own class!

All students in attendance of any course or class cannot and will not hold Shari Huggett (teacher) and/or the facility liable for personal injury or damage, etc. Just by simply attending a class or lesson, you acknowledge that dancing is a physical activity and can result in injury. Thereby you attend dance classes and lessons at your own risk.